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"In short, Ena is terrific. I began training with Ena about two years ago. I had recently undergone extremely serious surgery and was overweight, out of shape, and had somewhat low self esteem. Ena was very patient with me and very supportive. I have lost the excess weight and have achieved an excellent state of fitness, both cardio and strength. Moreover, Ena has been very supportive as I continue to adjust to my life, post-surgery. My doctor has told me that I am very fortunate to have a trainer who so looks after and cares for her clients as Ena does."

~ Vivian Awner

"In 2015, I began training for my first Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). Before then, I had done half Ironmans, long group bike rides, and countless other running races varying from 5ks to marathons. But, I had never put it all together before to go the 140.6 mile distance all in a day’s work. I decided that if I was going to commit myself to Ironman training that I wanted to do it right. I wanted to do it injury-free. I wanted to crush it. Ena’s approach to training made me realize my body’s weaknesses and built me up to prevent me from injury and made me a stronger athlete. Training with her also made me realize my body’s strengths and we celebrated them (those quads!), using them to my advantage. I continued working with Ena after Ironman, and since have completed another Ironman and a few New York City Marathons. Each time the goal is a little different – this year, we’re packing on muscle to look cut in my wedding dress. Next time – who knows? Ena’s holistic training and coaching style is appropriate for all goals. I have learned so much from her and am a more confident athlete than ever."

~ Avery Fiordaliso

"In August of this year while riding my bicycle, I was struck by a distracted driver of an SUV. My injuries included a shattered wrist, knee, and ankle. After two surgeries and an overload pins, rods, screws, and medication, it seemed self pity, anxiety, and slight depression were setting in. The pain was terrible! Then Ena came, with her kind, positive demeanor. Reiki, it's called, and yes. It works! The pain, the feelings of sorrow, it was surreal. I enjoy my sessions, and combined with my therapies, it's working beautifully! I should be walking soon, as per my physicians. The therapy may stop, but I will continue my Reiki sessions."

~ Vanee Brown


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