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I joined CWL Community during the pandemic and its helped me tremendously. Giving me many opportunity to simply move my body because I can. In the mist of all that's happening in our world their is still a purpose and joy. Waking up is Gods breathe living inside of us. In order to do Gods purpose for my life I need to be healthy to do it.

​~ Rozette Mclean Chapman


"In short, Ena is terrific. I began training with Ena about two years ago. I had recently undergone extremely serious surgery and was overweight, out of shape, and had somewhat low self esteem. Ena was very patient with me and very supportive. I have lost the excess weight and have achieved an excellent state of fitness, both cardio and strength. Moreover, Ena has been very supportive as I continue to adjust to my life, post-surgery. My doctor has told me that I am very fortunate to have a trainer who so looks after and cares for her clients as Ena does."

~ Vivian Awner


"In August of this year while riding my bicycle, I was struck by a distracted driver of an SUV. My injuries included a shattered wrist, knee, and ankle. After two surgeries and an overload pins, rods, screws, and medication, it seemed self pity, anxiety, and slight depression were setting in. The pain was terrible! Then Ena came, with her kind, positive demeanor. Reiki, it's called, and yes. It works! The pain, the feelings of sorrow, it was surreal. I enjoy my sessions, and combined with my therapies, it's working beautifully! I should be walking soon, as per my physicians. The therapy may stop, but I will continue my Reiki sessions."

~ Vanee Brown


"Who coaches the coach?
I attribute my foundation as a coach to Coach Ena. Coach E has coached me through all of my ups and downs spiritually and physically. She hopped on and rode this rollercoaster of life with me...she knew when to pump the brakes and when to hit the gas! She's focused and fair -  the bright light on those days when you don't feel like moving, working out or even praying. Coach E is the one that you want to call you at 6:00 a.m. and ask "You up? You ready to work?"

Now that I'm a health coach, I am the walking testament of the God-given, God-driven power that Coach E brings to her craft. Who coaches the coach? Ena Shed-Brown does!"

~ Jermaine Ferguson-Smith

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