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Personal Wellness Coaching

By improving your life-skills within prayer, behavioral habits and wellness, you can heal your body holistically while achieving a healthy and prosperous lifestyle as the Lord originally intended. With the help of the Holy Spirt all is possible, if you are willing to believe.

Coaching Includes:

* Prayer and meditation practice

* Positive habits & behavioral development

* Exercise

* Nutritional guidance

Potential benefits::

- Stronger connections with God

- Self awareness and love

- Weight loss

- Better eating habits

- Stress reduction

Let's spend some time together to see how Personal Wellness Coaching may work for you.

Prophetic Energy Healing

Prophetic Energy Healing sessions are similar to Reiki, but as a believer I acknowledge the direct source of energy which comes from God through the Holy Spirit. This is a safe and organic way to enhance and accelerate the natural healing process in the body.​


How does it work?​​​

Whether in person or long distance, the Holy Spirit will guild me to whichever part of your body that needs healing. We will be using the power of touch to administer your treatment.


* Relieves stress and anxiety

* Promotes deep relaxation

* Promotes pain relief

* Increase energy

* Increases the recovery rate of injuries

* Strengthens the Immune System

* Restores balance and harmony within.

* Strengthens your connection with the Lord.​

Let's spend some time together to see how Prophetic Energy Healing may work for you.